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For first time users

Your first login

If this is your first time logging into the Intranet you need to get a username and password. Some users have already been created, where your username is the first letter of your first name plus your last name. If you have a long last name then your username may resemble your E-Mail address. Your password has also been preset to be your first name followed by the number 1. Passwords and usernames should use all lowercase letters.

Example Person
username: eperson
password: example1

Changing your password

After you login, you may want to change your password. If so, you can access the Change Password Form by clicking the settings link on the left navigation bar. Then click the link that says "change your password." To change your password, you must first enter your current password in the first blank. The next two blanks will be filled with the new password that you wish to use. They must both be exactly the same or your password will not be changed.


There are 2 navigation sections on the Intranet. On the top of the website is a navigation bar for group wide Intranet features. On the left side is a navigation bar for your individual settings and information

How to get to:

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Profile and Staff Record

You can modify your profile by clicking the profile link on the left navigation bar. After you make changes and save them, your personnel record will also be updated with the information that you enter. The information that you enter into the form will be viewable by any other Intranet user.

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This can be accessed from the left navigation bar. This allows you to mark yourself as in the office or out of the office. You may also specify when you will return.
note: if you do not wish to have an in/out status, select the "do not display" option. If you would like to be set as in or out later, simply go back to that page and select the appropriate option.

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This is a special feature of the Intranet that allows you to post when and where you will be traveling. You can modify your itinerary buy clicking on Itinerary link on the left navigation bar. To post a new itinerary entry simply click the Add New link, fill out the information, then click the create button. After you have created an itinerary posting you can edit it or delete it by clicking the respective links next to the posting.

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More Help

If your question or problem is not addressed in this help file then you may need to contact an administrator.

Aaron Dandy
Office phone: 828-0359
Mon, Wed, Fri: 1:30pm - 5:00pm

Charles Daniel
Office phone: 828-9572
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